Bierkeller Introduces New Vegan Sausage!


You may or may not have heard of Bierkeller, the German themed chain, notorious for its huge drinks and German sausages. Doesn’t sound particularly vegan, however, a new vegan ‘wurst’ has arrived!

Made from wheat protein and smoked to give it that authentic flavour, the vegan German sausage has already been going down a treat with customers. They come from the company’s traditional German bratwurst suppliers, and aim to taste as authentic as possible.

Head chef Adam Van Hecke has said;

“A lot more people are vegan or vegetarian now, either through choice or health reasons, so we felt we needed to cater for what was an increasing crowd,” 

“Bierkeller is so well known for its sausages so that’s why it was important to have this wider selection and really show it off.”

He also explained that he understands it can be hard for vegans and veggies when they go out in groups with meat eaters, and didn’t want them to feel excluded.

Bierkeller has 6 branches across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham.

Little changes like this are really appreciated in the vegan community, and demonstrate that it’s really not hard to cater to vegans!

If a bar notorious for its German sausages can become vegan friendly, then surely there’s no excuse for other brands to not follow suit!

It retails for £8.95, which is around the same price as the other non-vegan options.

Thanks so much Bierkeller for becoming vegan friendly!

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