Blink-182 Star Moves Towards Veganism


Blink-182 bassist and American singer-songwriter Mark Hoppus has recorded a new song entitled “Not all Dogs Go to Heaven“.

The new song was recorded with Blink band mate Travis Barker, and was created due to Mark’s love for animals. The pair opened up about the new record in an interview with Forbes:

“There are so many animals in need of help and in need of a home that pretty much anyone you talk to who rescues an animal has the same story. And I just love dogs in general and think that animals have a shitty rap in the world compared to what we humans put them through a lot of the time”.

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The proceeds from the new album are being donated to the ASPCA which are currently using the money to help dogs and other animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. Matt Hoppus also explained that the group is becoming more and more involved in animal rights.

“I definitely think we’re becoming more and more involved. Travis is a dedicated vegan and he loans his image and support to those vegan organizations and animal rights programs he supports. And Matt [Skiba] does his fair share or work with animal rights people and something I very much believe in is animal rights. I think as we go on you try and figure out what’s important to you in life and you work to help those causes.”

“Animals are awesome, amazing creatures on the planet and a lot of times we treat them like a product, whether it be food, dairy products, leather or elephants in the circus. A lot of times they’re not treated as sentient beings, they’re treated as a commodity and that bums me out. Like six years ago I started being vegetarian and educating myself more. I start coming closer and closer to vegan every day and try to make more choices that positively impact animals and lessen the burden on the planet and hopefully, in small manners, make the world a better place.”

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