Boots Prepare To Launch New USA Style Vegan Sandwich


High street retailer Boots has been asking the public via a poll which new USA style vegan sandwich they would like put into the meal deal.

Boots took to Twitter on Thursday to ask which flavour the public would like to see in their limited edition meal deal range.

The options include a hickory smoked tofu ‘ham’ with avocado and BBQ slaw sarnie, and a sweet potato and chipotle vegan burger.

So far, the sweet potato burger is in the lead with 52% of votes, with almost 2,000 having placed their vote.

Boots is not the first high street retailer to expand their vegan lunchtime options, with Tesco just launching a vegan ‘bubble and squeak’ sandwich and Pret launching their first ever vegan Christmas sandwich.

With not a piece of falafel or hummus in sight, it seems as if retailers are also starting to put some more creativity into their vegan creations.

The tweet has received lots of positive feedback, with customers glad to see that boots is becoming more open to trying vegan options.

Sadly, it does seem as if this will only be a temporary addition to the Boots meal deal range. However, with Pizza Hut changing the status of their vegan cheese from temporary to permanent, we’ll have to wait and see!

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