Borough Market To Become Britain’s First To Ban Plastic Bottles


Borough Market is set to become the UK’s first market to ban plastic bottles.

Over the next 6 months, Borough Market will phase out the sale of plastic bottles at the 114 stalls that take residence at the market in a bid to become the UK’s greenest shopping destination.

Along with the announcement, the market unveiled 3 new drinking fountains which they hope will encourage people to bring their own reusable bottles and reduce plastic waste in the ocean.

The UK is set to switch to electric cars by 2040 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Managing director Darren Henaghan said he hoped the move would inspire other retailers.

borough market

He said: “It’s great people are aware of the benefits of keeping hydrated, but we’ve been troubled to see increasing numbers of plastic bottles used every day.

“By using the new water fountains our visitors will be able to refill and refresh without having to buy a plastic bottle each time.

“We’re proud to take this significant step forward as part of our ongoing commitment to making Borough Market Britain’s greenest place to shop and hope that others will follow suit.”

More than 38 million plastic bottles will be bought every day in the UK, having a huge impact on the health of the planet’s oceans.

Westminster city council also have plans to build 50 water fountains across central London to reduce the sale of plastic bottles.


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