Boxpark Croydon Transforms The Area’s Vegan Scene

boxpark croydon

London is one of the worlds most vegan friendly cities, however as soon as you edge out of the centre, the vegan options severely diminish. Luckily, Boxpark Croydon arrived in 2016, and many new vegan options came along with it.

Located right in the centre of the town, there are 2 vegan specific stalls, and a vegan option at almost every food outlet.

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The vegan specific are What The Pitta and Cook Daily, offering up vegan kebabs and a huge selection of vegan south eastern fare.

What The Pitta offers a succulent and unbelievably tasty vegan döner kebab along with other amazing Turkish food. It’s a firm favourite with JME and Fat Gay Vegan, and once you taste it you’ll realise why.

Cook Daily’s options range from stir fry’s to ‘chicken’ and mushroom pie. They also have a huge range of 100% vegan bowls, which are filling and delicious.

boxpark croydon

Some of the other vegan options around Boxpark Croydon include; vegan katsu curry, vegan chocolate cake, vegan lentil dahl, and a huge choice of vegan Indian food including Dosas and curry.

Coming back home to Croydon, I was disappointed to find the vegan options only ranged as far as Zizzi’s and Pizza Express.

That’s what makes coming to Boxpark Croydon so refreshing, I was genuinely spoilt for choice and left wanting more.

It now means that vegans in Croydon don’t have to settle for a side dish when eating out with friends, as the huge range of choice means there truly is something for everyone.

Places like Boxpark demonstrate the need for more vegan options outside the centre of London, and how there is a clear market demanding it.

With hundreds of vegan options in London, it’s about time they started spreading out towards the thousands of people nearby, and Boxpark is a fantastic start.


  1. Cook Daily hasn’t been in Boxpark Croydon for ages now and they are not coming back. What the Pita is the only vegan stall in Boxpark Croydon

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