Are People Beginning To Boycott Canada Goose?

boycott canada goose

Canada Goose is a company fuelled by blood. Their fur trims are taken from wild coyotes, trapped in appalling traps and left in agonising pain. Therefore, to see companies beginning to boycott Canada Goose is some of the best news of the year so far.

In fact, the partnership between the Berlin International Film Festival and Canada Goose has just come to a close. Although the exact cause of this partnership ending is not clear, it is important that it has in fact ended. With the protests and awareness around Canada Goose only growing, it doesn’t surprise me that brands are starting to distance themselves from the company.

boycott canada goose

Just a few weeks ago, actress Maggie Q staged a demonstration highlighting the cruelty behind Canada Goose. Standing outside of their headquarters in Toronto, fake blood covered the floor as she laid next to one of the horrific traps they use to catch Coyotes.

In order for people to boycott Canada Goose, work such as this is essential. It shows the public that wearing their coats is simply not acceptable, and should be discouraged.

boycott canada goose

The opening of a new store in Toronto was descended upon by dozens of PETA activists, with the CEO fleeing to the back of the store. What a fantastic way to make an impact on the opening of such a disgusting store.

boycott canada goose

However, more needs to be done in an effort to boycott Canada Goose.

Canada Goose’s sales remain strong, climbing by a whopping 450 per cent since 2011. This isn’t surprising, as many celebrities choose to showcase their brand and built publicity.

In order for their sales to truly plummet, it needs to be seen as utterly unacceptable to wear fur. People do not enjoy being shamed for what they do, and when it includes the agonising death of a coyote, they most certainly should be shamed.

Do what you can. Whether that’s post stickers, take part in protests, or just remind friends and family not to support Canada Goose. They’re an abhorrent brand, that needs to disappear forever.


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