Brazil To Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing


Humane Society International (HSI) has praised the Commission of Science and Technology of the Brazilian Senate for voting unanimously in favour of strong amendments to proposed federal legislation to ban cosmetic animal testing and trade in brazil.

The changes proposed by Senator Randolfe Rodrigues will close major loopholes in the current legislation. This will build on current legislation on existing state-level bans that spread accross the country and will position Brazil alongside the 37 other major economies who have already passed similar legislation.

Senator Rodrigues said: “This humane effort is the least that can be done. The continuation of these abominable tests is a direct offence against the constitutional principle, which state practices which subject animals to cruelty are forbidden. Animal abuse would already be questionable, from a constitutional and ethical point of view, even if there were a consensus about the needs for such tests, but it is certain that, once it is established that these tests are unnecessary.”

Antoniana Ottoni, HSI legislative officer for research and toxicology, added: “We thank Senator Rodrigues for proposing these critical amendments to end cosmetic animal cruelty in our country. His amendments will encourage investments in human-relevant non-animal testing methods that are more protective of consumer safety than obsolete animal tests they replace. We congratulate the members of the Commission of Science and Technology for voting in favour of these changes and we will now work with the members of the Environment Commission to confirm them”

The bill will now be examined by the Environment Commission.

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