BREAKING: Nando’s Set To Launch New Vegan Burgers

nando's vegan

Rumours on social media are indicating that Nando’s are set to launch completely vegan burgers. It comes as more and more high-street restaurants adapt to the popularity of veganism.

McDonald’s launches the McVegan!

Posts in multiple Facebook groups indicate that at least two new vegan burgers will debut sometime this week.

Credit: Hayley Beth Little

According to one post on Facebook, Hayley Beth Little said: “the manager came over and explained they didn’t have any veggie burgers because of their new vegan menu starting on Tuesday and asked if I’d like to try one of the new burgers free of charge.. so here it is.. the super green I think it was called.. kale, spinach and bean burger with a touch of mint. DELICIOUS.”

The restaurant will apparently launch this burger along with a sweet potato based variation.

While vegans have been able to adapt current Nando’s items to be vegan, it would be the first labelled vegan option on the menu. Having clearly labelled vegan options in major chains is another step forward towards a much more vegan future.

We’ll keep you updated with any developments but, for now, let us know if you’ve managed to try the new Nando’s vegan offerings!

Nathaniel comes from a background of cycling and fitness. After eating a regular diet for most of his life, he came across the vegan lifestyle 3 years ago and has never looked back. Nathaniel considers himself an animal lover, environmentalist and keen cyclist while promoting the vegan lifestyle along the way. He's now a registered personal trainer, gym instructor and currently working his way towards a Sport, Fitness and Coaching degree.

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