BREAKING: Zizzi Are EXPANDING Their Vegan Menu


High-street favourite, Zizzi, are set to expand their vegan menu in a bid to remain one of the best options for vegan diners.

The new Autumn menu will include two new vegan pizzas, further establishing them as one of the go-to highstreet restaurants for vegans wishing to eat out.

Vegan Cheese Sales Exceed Expectations By 300%!

According to Plant-Based News, the menu expanded menu will arrive in restaurants on October 10th.

The restaurant claims the inclusion of a vegan menu has seen the chain sell 400,000 vegan pizzas already, with the addition of two new pizzas likely to increase that figure further

Vegan Zucca pizza
Made with mozzarella cheese alternative, roasted butternut squash, caramelised balsamic onions and spinach.

Vegan Pepperonata pizza
Made with fire-roasted peppers, sunblush tomatoes, hot roquito chillies and pea shoots.


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