Brownice – The Best Vegan Food In Singapore?

Brownice Vegan Pizza
Vegan Pizza is BAE

I have been going to Brownice’s Sin Ming outlet for well over a year now, but it strangely took me way too long to finally visit their East Coast Italian Bistro Branch. What took me so long?? Brownice has cemented its place as my favourite restaurant in the whole of Singapore, being 100% vegan at the same time.

I enjoyed Brownice even before I went vegan, and even today I have meat-eating friends visiting and being blown away. From the mock meat to the vegan cheese that actually melts, there is not one part of Brownice that has disappointed me.

An Italian menu, you can dine guilt free on Pizza, pasta, risotto and everything in-between. Look out for when they do weekend specials, as the cheesy fries are to die for. Also give the starters a try, being the little piggy that I am I always order a three course meal here, and my personal favourite at the moment is the Arancini. Risotto balls filled with cheese and covered in sauce, there is nothing not to love about it. The truffle fries also rival P.S Cafes, without the pus and growth hormones.

Arancini, pizza and pasta!

As far as main courses go, it’s pizza all the way. I go for the BBQ Chicken, and I’m borderline obsessed. Better than any non-vegan pizza I’ve ever had, this will leave you desperate for more. Even better, once you’ve eaten the pizzas you realise that there is zero grease left on the paper. Literally none. Crazy what cutting out animal products can do to the overall health of a meal!

I’ve tried the lasagne and although it was okay, when the pizzas are that damn good there’s just no competition.

If you somehow have any room left after your main, I beg you to give the desserts a try. It goes to show how far veganism has come when you and your friends cannot taste that the desserts are dairy free. From the fluffiest waffles that I’ve ever had to gooey brownies and creamy ice cream, the desserts are flawless. Not only perfect, the ice creams come in flavours you could only dream of. Vegan chocolate brownie and peanut butter ice cream? Y-U-M. Feel free to try all the flavours first, the staff are amazing and more than happy to give you free tasters.

Brownice is heaven for vegans all across Singapore

It’s hard to find many vegans who haven’t yet been to Brownice, and it’s the perfect way to begin to introduce veganism to friends and family too. Every time I’ve brought someone here, not only have they been excited, but also seriously impressed.

Plain and simple, I love Brownice. I go pretty much every weekend and leave completely stuffed. Milkshakes, ice cream pizza and truffle fries, and people said being vegan is restrictive?? Yeah right.

When service, portion sizes, price and taste are all 5 stars, Brownice is a definite 5/5.

Flawless Food
  • There's a reason Brownice is so popular!

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