Review: Brownice 2.0!


If you’re vegan and living in Singapore, then chances are you’ve probably been to Brownice. Whether that’s their Sin Ming or East Coast outlet, it’s undeniably the BEST spot on the island to get mouth-watering, Italian vegan food.

If you’ve also been keeping your eyes peeled, then you may have noticed both of the outlets getting a fresh coat of paint. We decided to head down and try some items we haven’t tried before, and see if it’s still as delicious as ever!

First Impressions

First things first, I am a huge fan of the new sign! It’s classy, simple, and really helps give off the image of Brownice being a respectable and high quality place to eat. So, good start!


A more neutral colour scheme further helps with this, and the large colourful menu on the wall keeps things playful.


A brand new style menu and adorably cute placards for the ice creams all add up, really improving the overall quality of a trip to Brownice. It’s the little things that count!



Here at Veggie Athletic, we can’t get enough of cheesy fries. Back when they made an appearance on Brownice’s weekly specials, we made sure that we got them every single time. So imagine our undeniable excitement at seeing that they’ve now been made a permanent fixture on the menu! True happiness!

Unsurprisingly, we couldn’t turn down the idea of vegan cheesy fries, and also went for the bruschetta. A little lighter than cheesy fries, we thought this might make sure we still have room for more food after.


To go with our starters, we also tried the Mango and Passionfruit smoothie. We normally go for the milkshakes, (as who doesn’t love chocolate milkshakes?) but fancied something a little more refreshing, and boy were we glad.

This smoothie was quite possibly the most delicious drink either of us have tried. Sweet, thick and as refreshing as could be, this may even be better than any milkshake I’ve had in my whole life, ever!

A real 10/10, could not fault a single thing about this drink.

Vegan Cheesy Fries = Life


As for the cheesy fries, they’re as good as I remember. I think last time I tried them they may have had a creamy sauce as well as the ‘parmesan’, but without it may actually improve it. When you’re having a pizza with creamy cheese later on, it’s not always needed before!

I didn’t find them stodgy at all, which I used to find with non-vegan cheese, and the fries were fluffy and pretty much oil-free. The serving size is also pretty generous, something I’m a massive fan of.

The cheese resembles parmesan, yet at the same time steers clear of the awful smell (phew!). The cheese was plentiful and exactly how I like it, good job Brownice.


The bruschetta came in 5 small slices, a bit of a pain when you’re sharing in a pair. Luckily, I have the heart of an angel and gave my boyfriend the last slice. Nat, you owe me.

The bread was light and not too crunchy, with the tomato on top being full of flavour and heaped on top, meaning the bread:topping ratio was never too low.

Main Course

It took almost all of my will power not to order my staple, the BBQ Chicken pizza with no pineapple or olives, it’s been my go-to order since I first found Brownice. We decided to go for the four seasons pizza, and the creamy tomato gnocchi instead, and we don’t regret our decision.

The Four Seasons



The four seasons is perfect for anyone who’s indecisive, with 4 different toppings coming on one delicious pizza. From olives to mushrooms to artichoke and ham, the hardest part will be deciding which topping you like best!

The crust and base seem slightly thicker than I remember, making it much easier to now pick up the slices without the toppings sliding off.



As for the creamy tomato gnocchi, the only downside was the sauce to gnocchi ratio. There seemed to be too much sauce and not quite enough of the dish itself, meaning it was finished very quickly and wasn’t quite enough to leave us satisfied. Taste wise though, very good!


Although a die-hard waffle lover, on this trip I just had to pass. After fries, bruschetta, pizza and pasta, I was a struggle to even think of dessert. However, never to leave without ice cream, we decided on a scoop of the Gula Melaka, and the Chocolate Midnight Cookie.


The Gula Melaka has got to be one of my favourite ice creams in the whole world, such an original taste that I find just can’t be beaten. Whereas, normally, I’d find a scoop of vanilla or chocolate plain on its own, when it comes to Gula Melaka, a simple scoop is all I need.


The Chocolate Midnight Cookie went down exceptionally well, with Nat describing it to be as good as Ben and Jerry’s. It was a little too rich for me, as I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but I still really enjoyed it.

Brownice simply can’t go wrong with their ice creams, ever!

As Good As Before?



In one short, simple answer, YES! Brownice has always been my favourite spot for food, but now I can only see them getting better, more successful, and more popular. Their food is improving, the ambience is fantastic, and the service has always been stellar.

Not to mention, the value for money is always a massive bonus. The prices of the pizzas and desserts has got to be some of the best in Singapore for vegan food, and customers clearly love it!

Brownice has cemented itself as my favourite spot for vegan food, and I don’t see it changing any time soon.


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