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buy vegan dog food

Where to buy vegan dog food

Vegan dog food is everywhere nowadays and you can even get it on Amazon! Here’s some of Peta’s top picks with links on where to buy vegan dog food.

In case you have any worries, it’s perfectly safe to feed your dog a vegan diet. In fact, some studies show that it’s actually healthier for a dog to eat a vegan diet than a regular, meat-based one. Just like humans it can help reduce the risk of arthritis, cancer and allergies. Dogs haven’t been hunters or wild animals for thousands of years so we don’t need to be feeding them diets that reflect that.

Simply start introducing the vegan food gradually with their current food. Add a little more and remove a little of their current food. Bit by bit you’ll end up with a happy dog and a big bowl of vegan dog food.

If you don’t want to read the whole post here’s links to where you can buy them right now!


An entirely vegan, family-owned and -operated company, V-dog makes a wide variety of vegan dog foods, including kibble, biscuits, and even bones.

To buy V-Dog, click here, here or here!


This Italian company makes healthy grain- and vegetable-based foods.


A U.K.-based vegan company, Benevo makes both canned and dry food for dogs as well as various treats.

To buy Benevo click here, here or here!


Halo Vegan Garden Medley

Halo brand offers both a dry and a canned Vegan Garden Medley packed with plant protein from nutrient-rich chickpeas and peas.

To buy Halo Vegan Garden Melody click here, here, or here!

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