Cafe Van Gogh – Vegan Sticky Steak In London!


I love London for many reasons, with the main being the immense amount of vegan restaurants. Although this is great, it does mean that some of the new/small restaurants may go unnoticed. After eating at Cafe Van Gogh, I’m determined to make sure as many people know about this place as possible.

Is there anything more amazing than a 100% vegan menu? How about a menu where the profits are reinvested into the community?

Cafe Van Gogh is London’s first vegan social enterprise cafe, working to support marginalised individuals back into the workplace and bring the community together.

cafe van gogh
They arguably serve the best vegan roast south of the river

Heart warming stuff really! London can be cut throat, to say the least, so eating somewhere where you know your money will help others is a wonderful feeling.

The restaurant itself is stunning, hidden away in an “art nouveau listed building; just around the corner from where Vincent Van Gogh lodged whilst living in London in the 1870s.”

Eat upstairs after ascending the spiral staircase, or get cosy in the secret courtyard, the choice is yours.

cafe van gogh

In regards to the food, oh, my, god.

It was genuinely flawless! I haven’t eaten meat for over 2 years now, but the sticky seitan steak genuinely had me confused! It’s unbelievably succulent, oozing with flavour and not at all chewy.

Paired with a huge helping of potato salad and corn on the cob drenched in butter (how corn should always be served), it was quite possibly the best meal I’ve ever had in London. Really hearty, simple comfort food, which sometimes is all you need.

cafe van gogh
Excuse my iPhone quality, but look at the size of this!

I somehow found space for dessert, and went for the sticky toffee pudding.

Before going vegan, I’d desserts like this almost every single day, so my expectations were high. I wasn’t disappointed.

cafe van gogh

Dowsed in toffee sauce, the sponge was light and fluffy, with a slight hint of ginger (I think!). I was literally scraping my bowl to get as much as I could!

Cafe Van Gogh is exactly what the London vegan scene needs, cheap, un-pretentious, and delicious food in a gorgeous setting, nothing more and nothing less. I cannot wait to come back here again, and will be telling all of my friends about it also.

Check them out on Facebook here.

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