Canada Goose Tortures Animals For Its Jackets

canada goose

Incase you haven’t heard of Canada Goose, it’s a coat company specialising in jackets for Arctic climates. Sounds pretty normal right? That is, until you realise that they use wild Coyote fur for the fur trims on their jackets. Then, they charge hundreds of pounds, and make wearing fur nothing more than a fashion statement.

canada goose

This average looking bomber jacket retails for £650! Imagine paying £650 for a shitty jacket you could get exactly the same from TopShop, and with pieces of a dead animal wrapped around your face.

This is actually one of the cheaper items on sale at Canada Goose, with parkas going up to £1,000.

Where do they get the fur from?

Canada Goose seems proud of the fact they don’t source from fur farms. Instead, they just hunt and kill wild Coyotes instead, all for a bit of fur trim.

Canada Goose is deeply committed to the preservation of our global environment and the humane treatment of animals. We never purchase from fur farms, never use fur from endangered animals, and only purchase fur from licensed trappers.

Wow, I’m sure the dead Coyotes really appreciate this “humane treatment”!

canada goose

They have the genuine audacity on their website to try and justify why people should ‘respect’ their use of fur:

We know that whether or not people want to wear fur is a personal choice, and we respect that. In turn, we hope that people will respect our ethical and responsible use of fur.

It’s easy to respect someone for not wearing fur, after all no animals suffer for them. However, to say that therefore we should respect them for trapping wild animals and using their skin for a tacky jacket is utterly ridiculous.

That’s like saying, “we know arson is a personal choice, and we respect that. In turn, please respect us burning things down and wrecking everything around us”.

The most awful thing about Canada Goose, is that all this animal abuse it utterly unnecessary. Faux-fur looks exactly the same, and is cruelty free. They justify using real fur as it is better at protecting against the cold. Probably because this is the skin of a wild animal, but also this is unjustifiable.

canada goose

The amount of people who actually use these jackets in Arctic temperatures is minimal. I’ve seen dozens of people wear them around my University Campus, and I live in England. Just put on a scarf and bloody deal with it.

Canada Goose is nothing more than a cruel, expensive fashion statement. I hardly think all the celebrities seen wearing their products are off to the Arctic any time soon, and proves how BS this whole brand is as a whole.

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