single use plastics

Taiwan Set To Ban All Single-Use Plastic

Taiwan's government Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has announced that it is set to eradicate the use of single-use plastics by 2030. They will begin to...

Study Reveals Plant-Based Diets Are The Most Sustainable

A new study has revealed that when compared to vegetarian and omnivorous diets, vegan diets are by far the most environmentally sustainable. The study set...
uk bans ivory

Sale Of Ivory Set To Be Banned In The UK

Ministers are set to implement a blanket ban on the sale of ivory throughout the United Kingdom. It comes as the British public showed "overwhelming"...
pizza express straws

Pizza Express To Ban Plastic Straws From All Restaurants

Pizza Express, one of the largest restaurant chains in the UK, has announced it will stop using plastic straws and instead switch to a...
iceland plastic-free

Supermarket Iceland To Become Plastic Free Within 5 Years

British supermarket Iceland believes it will be the first of its kind to make all of its own-brand products plastic-free. Iceland expects the process to take...

Theresa May Plans To Extend Plastic Bag Charge In New 25-Year Environment Plan

In a bid to reduce 'throwaway culture', Theresa May is set to announce plans to extend the 5p plastic bag charge to all shops....
ivory ban china

China Officially Bans Buying and Selling Of Ivory

China's ban on buying and selling ivory has been in place since Sunday. Now, an animal charity and basketball player Yao Ming are aiming...
james cameron

James Cameron Explains Animal Ag Is ‘Choking The Earth’

Vegan director, James Cameron is urging the public and world leaders to recognise the damage animal agriculture inflicts on the environment. Vegan Preschool To Open In...

Mexico Bans Fishing In 57,000 Square Miles Of Ocean

Whether it's from pollution, over fishing or climate change, our ocean is suffering in unimaginable ways. Luckily, Mexico has decided to ban fishing in...
vegan diet

15,000 Scientists Urge Population To Adopt Vegan Diet

15,000 scientist from 184 countries are urging the population to prevent 'imminent world demise', and adopt a vegan diet. In October, an article was published...

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