learn to love lentils

Learn To Love Lentils [Infographic]

Protein is a necessary diet staple—you can’t live without it. Most people assume that the best source of protein is meat, but there are lots...
vegan mexican recipes

The Best Vegan Mexican Recipes

Who doesn't love Mexican food? Packed with all that meat and cheese I'm sure you thought eating Mexican as a vegan is impossible! In...

Vegan Options At UK Chain Restaurants

There's more and more animal-free food popping up on local high streets. In fact, it's pretty hard to miss it. Heading out with your friends...

Review: Brownice 2.0!

If you're vegan and living in Singapore, then chances are you've probably been to Brownice. Whether that's their Sin Ming or East Coast outlet,...
quick and easy vegan meals

Quick And Easy Vegan Meals

Quick and easy vegan meals In need of tasty, quick and easy vegan meals? We have a few that'll be perfect when you've got a...

Review: Teeny Weeny Treats

Everyone loves to snack, and sometimes you need something just a little healthier than Tostitos at 2am or vegan ice cream after dinner. So...
VEGAN-SECTION - buy vegan food in singapore

Buy Vegan Food In Singapore

Where to buy vegan food in Singapore Now, there's not much choice if you're looking for specialty vegan items. Trying to buy vegan food in...
vegan mac and cheese

Vegan Mac And Cheese Recipes

Mac and cheese is a lot of peoples favourite comfort food, and you don't have to give it up when vegan. Vegan mac and...
cheap vegan grocery list

Cheap Vegan Grocery List

One of THE most frustrating things vegans hear, is that veganism is too expensive. So here we've compiled an example of a cheap vegan...
best vegan cookbooks cover

The Best Vegan Cookbooks

The best vegan cookbooks We all love our food. Even more so when we can make epic dishes that please our taste buds. If you...

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