Image from one of the best vegan instagrams

The Best Vegan Instagrams You Need To Follow

@FOODIE.PARIS If you're after some new vegan Instas to follow then here's a pretty good place to start. @FOODIE.PARIS is still fairly small in terms...
Vegan athlete Barney Deplessis

Top 3 Vegan Energy Bars

Trying to find vegan energy bars that aren't filled with BS like added whey protein or milk can be a little tricky, but thanks...

Review: NomVNom – as good as Vegan Burg?

If you loved Vegan Burg but are having withdrawal symptoms from their sudden scaling back, NomVNom is here to fill the burger shaped hole...

Review: Lenny And Larry’s Cookie

Speak to any vegan or person who's into fitness or lifting, and chances are that at some point in time they have tried a...
Brownice Vegan Pizza

Brownice – The Best Vegan Food In Singapore?

I have been going to Brownice's Sin Ming outlet for well over a year now, but it strangely took me way too long to...
Our favourite of all vegan restaurants in Singapore

Best Vegan Restaurants In Singapore

Here's our favourite vegan restaurants in Singapore that'll have you salivating down your chest and blowing a fair bit of cash. Enjoy! Brownice Italian Bistro This...
The best vegan brownies that are raw

The Best Vegan Brownies And How To Make Them

We look at some of the tastiest, best vegan brownies and show you where to find the delicious recipes to make them yourself. Perfect...

Where To Find THE Best Vegan Recipes

Everyone's done it. Drooling over pics of delicious looking vegan recipes on Instagram and Pinterest is just a part of life. However, if like me you're...
Map of Asia

Vegan Food Tips- Asia

Asia is great, great food, great people and great cycling. Vegan and worried about travelling to Asia? Don't worry, we're giving you some of...

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