Asda Credits Its Growth In Sales To Vegan Food

British supermarket Asda has reported a 0.4% rise in like-for-like sale in the three months leading up to June, partially crediting its vegan options...
beyond meat sales quadruple in hong kong

Beyond Meat Sees Sales Quadruple In Only 4 Months

Plant-based brand Beyond Meat has seen its sales in Hong Kong quadruple in the four months since its first international expansion. In April, Beyond Meat launched...
chipotle uk

Chipotle UK Launches First Vegan Item

Chipotle UK has released their first vegan menu item, a braised tofu option that promises an 'exciting new taste'. Chipotle describe the describes the new...
impossible burger

188 Rats Killed In Product Testing For Impossible Burger

Impossible Foods, the creator of the Impossible Burger, has voluntarily tested on and killed 188 rats during product development in three separate tests. Although...
coco chocolatier

Chocolate Company Launches Vegan ‘Haggis’ Flavour

Artisinal chocolate company Coco Chocolatier have recently launched a brand new vegan flavour, named 'Haggis Spice'. Coco Chocolatier is an Edinburgh-based Scottish company specialising in...
byron hamburger

Byron Hamburger Launches Vegan Milkshakes

British burger chain 'Byron Hamburger' has launched a range of vegan milkshakes, along with its very first vegan freak-shake. The milkshakes are currently only being...

Quorn Invests £7 Million To Develop Vegan ‘Bleeding’ Burger

Meat-free brand Quorn has invested just under £7 million in a research and development facility to try and create a product to rival the...
just vegan egg europe

JUST Announces Vegan Egg Set To Launch In Europe

In a statement posted to LinkedIn, CEO Josh Tetrick announced that JUST is set to bring its Vegan Egg to the European market. The vegan...
vegan cheese

Vegan Pizzeria To Open The UK’s First Vegan Cheese Factory

Vegan pizzeria chain 'Purezza' has announced plans to open a vegan cheese factory, which would be the first of its kind within the UK. Purezza...
bol foods 100% plant-based

BOL Foods Becomes The Next Major Food Brand To Go Plant-Based

Major British food brand, Bol Foods, has announced it has removed dairy from all remaining products to become fully plant-based. In a statement sent to Veggie...

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