CCTV Set To Be Compulsory In English Slaughterhouses

english slaughterhouses

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has unveiled plans to install compulsory CCTV in English slaughterhouses. It’s his second major proposal since he has taken up the role.

Michael Gove declares Britain will switch to electric cars by 2040.

The new ruling will be phased in next year and will see all English slaughterhouses require CCTV to operate legally. It comes as Michael Gove wants to improve animal welfare standards and enforce the law against those who commit animal cruelty.

The proposed changes were part of the Conservative manifesto and will now see CCTV recording whenever an abattoir is active, with the footage available for vets to view.

english slaughterhouses

According to Gove: “We have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world and the actions I am setting out today will reinforce our status as a global leader.

“As we prepare to leave the EU, these measures provide a further demonstration to consumers around the world that our food is produced to the very highest standards.”

The changes come as leaked recordings have shown slaughterhouse workers drag and abuse animals before they’re killed.

Isobel Hutchinson, director of Animal Aid said: “After many years of campaigning for mandatory, independently monitored CCTV in slaughterhouses, we are greatly encouraged by this news. 

“But although this development is a huge step forward, we urge the public to remember that even when the law is followed to the letter, slaughter is a brutal and pitiless business that can never be cruelty-free.”

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