Charlie Sheen Goes Vegan! Yes, Really…


Charlie Sheen hasn’t always been a picture of health, however, after coming clean about his diagnosis of HIV, he seems set on changing his ways. You may never have thought you’d see the day Charlie Sheen goes vegan, but it looks like it may have actually happened.

Sheen’s girlfriend is rumoured to be the cause of his lifestyle change, 26-year-old Julia Stamber. 

Sources have told TMZ that the actor has been cutting out meat and dairy, as well as practising yoga and swimming every day. He is also rumoured to be consuming plenty of rice and veggie burgers, washed down with coconut water coffee.

charlie sheen goes vegan

It’s fantastic to see Charlie Sheen starting to eat a vegan diet, and even better to see that he’s not afraid of carbs such as rice! 

High carb diets are one of the best ways to stay energised and healthy, however, Hollywood has long demonised carbs such as pasta, rice and potatoes.

Charlie also now claims to be off hard drugs rarely consumes alcohol, however, has been left feeling drowsy and with severe migraines from the medication to deal with his HIV+ diagnosis.

According to TMZ Charlie Sheen has been on his now holistic lifestyle for about 2 weeks now, and we wish him all the best with it in the near future!


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