Cheaper Fruit And Veg Can Save Lives According To Study


According to a new study, making fruit and vegetables cheaper by increasing subsidies could easily save 150,000 lives by 2030.

“Large socio-economic disparities exist in US dietary habits and cardiovascular disease mortality. While economic incentives have demonstrated success in improving dietary choices, the quantitative impact of different dietary policies on cardiovascular disease mortality disparities is not well established.”

“We aimed to quantify and compare the potential effects on total cardiovascular disease mortality mortality and disparities of specific dietary policies to increase fruit and vegetable consumption and reduce sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption in the US.”

Perhaps we need to be more like Turin, potentially the world’s first vegan city!

Their findings suggest that subsidies have more effect than taxes. Stats showed that a subsidy on produce could increase fruit and vegetable consumption percent, but a 10 percent price increase on soda would only reduce consumption by seven percent.

The scientists were also surprised to learn that a 10 percent fruit and vegetable subsidy was 10 times more effective at preventing or postponing death than a levy on fizzy drinks.

“Fiscal strategies targeting diet might substantially help to reduce the unequal cardiovascular disease mortality burden in the US.”

“[Both] dietary policies could be effective, whilst a combination of national and targeted policies might be even more powerful in reducing both cardiovascular disease mortality and socio-economic disparities.”

While the findings further support a plant-based vegan diet, we must remember that it’s almost certain levies and subsidies won’t change.

That’s because the US government is largely backed and supported by the animal agricultural industry. The industry even has a large hand in controlling organisations such as the American Heart Association and has long been exposed for dictating ruling within the food and beverage sector to maintain their own success.

The more people choosing to eat more fruit and vegetables, the healthier we’ll all be.

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