Chefs Name Vegan Desserts As A Rising Trend For 2018

vegan desserts

A recent feature in National Restaurant News has revealed several pastry chefs naming vegan desserts as a rising trend for the upcoming year.

Pastry chef Kelsey Burack said in regards to her own menu for 2018: “I’m not 100-percent sure about the upcoming dessert menu just yet… but I do see a tropical passion fruit sorbet and coconut ice cream sundae with a fluffy whipped coconut cream on top.”

Another pastry chef, Angela Garbacz, also thinks that she will be using more vegan recipes in the new year.

“I see a shift from using a lot of gums, stabilizers, and substitutes to using more whole ingredients”

“For example, instead of using egg replacers in vegan recipes, we are trying to make recipes that just work well without eggs.”

It’s not surprising that so many chefs are looking to expand their menu and develop more vegan desserts. Vegan options at high street chains across the UK have exploded in 2017, but there is still room for improvement.

Despite offering options such as vegan cheese and burgers, the dessert options are still sadly lacking. There’s often nothing at all, or simply a fruit sorbet.

If 2017 was the year of veganism going mainstream, we can hope that 2018 will finally bring us the vegan desserts that we’ve all been waiting for.

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