Chiang Mai Travel Tips

Cycling in chiang mai

Chiang Mai travel tips

Plenty of vegans make the annual pilgrimage to Chiang Mai to attend the Raw Till 4 Bike Festival. It runs throughout June and brings together vegans from around the world. What should you do, eat or know when traveling to Chiang Mai? We share our top Chiang Mai travel tips.

Water refill stations

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These are awesome. Fairly cheap and you save loads of plastic bottles in the process. These things are located sporadically and randomly throughout the city. To find them simply wander around for a while, they’re usually green or blue and it’s pretty hard to miss them! Just buy a huge 6 litre bottle from 7-11 once and then re-fill this each time. Massively cuts down plastic waste and so saves the environment. Almost all plastic in Asia is thrown in landfill or burnt.

Bring your bike

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The cycling here is incredible. Smooth roads and friendly traffic, coupled with awesome hills and strong riders. The mix pretty much guarantees massive gains in fitness. The amount of climbing and long sweeping descents there are is almost unrivalled. Bring your bike and ride it as much as you can. I’ve ridden ever morning along with every time to dinner or to the shops etc.

Spend your money

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Every time you spend money at a vegan restaurant, it’s a vote for what we believe in. The more we spend and can support local vegan organisations, the stronger the movement becomes (I know we all want world domination). The food here is great and you can pick massive portions of food up for a very small price.

Talking of food…

chiang mai travel tips - food

BUY ALL THE FOOD. The amount of vegan food here is insane. Thailand in general has loads of vegan food, country wide but Chiang Mai is something special. Adorned with vegetarian restaurants, which all offer something for vegans there’s also dedicated vegan restaurants and even a vegan ice cream parlour!

For more tips on how to travel as a vegan or if you’re in need of food tips while travelling in Asia, head here.



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