Chimpanzees Will No Longer Be Used For Lab Testing


Chimpanzees are intelligent, sensitive beings that have long been exploited within lab testing. However, they are now being moved to sanctuaries, where they can live out their lives in peace.

Chimps have been experimented on for almost 100 years, so to see them finally achieving freedom is amazing.

In 2015, The National Institute of Health said that it would no longer support invasive biomedical research conducted on Chimpanzees, and although the process of retiring them was slow at first, it has now gathered momentum.

“The director of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, declared that the N.I.H. would fund no new biomedical research using chimps, which he described as “our closest relatives in the animal kingdom” deserving of “special consideration and respect.”

According to the Guardian, all of the government chimps are headed to Chimp Haven, a sanctuary in Keithville, La.

However, they also state that there are around 547 Chimpanzees still being held at research institutions.

It seems absurd and unethical that in 2017 we still rely on torturing animals to try and cure humans.

Although chimps share 98% of their DNA with humans, it has now become common knowledge that this does not make them useful for studying the effects of drugs on humans. To care for them is also extremely costly, and they are now classified as an endangered animal.

These chimps being able to live out their lives in a sanctuary is the very least that we can do to try and apologise for the horrors that we have put them through.

It hopefully won’t be long before there are no chimps at all residing within research facilities. Until then, charities such as ChimpCARE will continue to ensure that they can live out the life that they deserve.

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