China Officially Bans Buying and Selling Of Ivory

ivory ban china

China’s ban on buying and selling ivory has been in place since Sunday. Now, an animal charity and basketball player Yao Ming are aiming to educate the public through commercials.

China’s ban on trading ivory came into effect on the 31st December 2017 after outcry from the international community.

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The process began after Yao Ming proposed the ivory ban to the National People’s Congress in 2014 and has since worked with animal-rights organizations WildAid, African Wildlife Foundation, and Save the Elephants to create awareness campaigns that resulted in the new legislation

“We can start 2018 hopeful that elephants will be safer now that China has banned commercial ivory sales,” WildAid CEO Peter Knights said. “Prices are down, and law enforcement efforts in many parts of Africa and Asia are much improved.” 

“The United Nations has unanimously called for domestic ivory sales bans, and many other countries are responding with action,” Knights said. “Japan alone remains unwilling to join the global community on this issue.”

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