Chocolate Company Launches Vegan ‘Haggis’ Flavour

Coco Chocolatier has launched a haggis flavoured chocolate bar, that just so happens to be vegan.

coco chocolatier

Artisinal chocolate company Coco Chocolatier have recently launched a brand new vegan flavour, named ‘Haggis Spice’.

Coco Chocolatier is an Edinburgh-based Scottish company specialising in premium chocolate bars.

The inventive new flavour is 100% vegan, with 60% dark chocolate from Columbia.

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They wrote online: “With warming flavours of cloves & nutmeg it gives you a modern reflection on Haggis.”

“Slightly savoury finish makes it a rare treat for a true chocolate adventurer.”

Conventional haggis contains animal products such as sheep heart, liver and lungs.

However, the traditional spices typically give it a sweeter flavour, with these spices often used in desserts.

One happy customer wrote: “The haggis spices, plus the oats, and the perfect pairing of the chocolate to the spices make it a bar that you want more and more of.” “

It’s especially good with a nice, hot cup of tea.”

This isn’t the first time that Coco Chocolatier has experimented with unusual flavours. Their other items include flavours such as ‘Gin & Tonic’ and ‘Earl Grey Tea’.

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