Chris Smalling Credits Veganism For Improved Performance

The Manchester United player was encouraged by his wife to give veganism a try.

chris smalling

Manchester United centre-back Chris Smalling has credited his new vegan diet for his improved physical performance on the pitch.

He revealed that his wife has been vegan for a number of years, and persuaded him to give it a try.

His wife is such a committed vegan, she is considering creating her own recipe book.

“My wife is vegan and has been for a few years,” 

“She’s often tried to persuade me. She cooks a lot at home and half the time I was eating vegan anyway. I wasn’t fully vegan, when we ate out, I would have what I normally have.”

“After a while I started to cut out red meat, because red meat causes quite a lot of inflammation and I had a lot of tendinitis in my knee, which many footballers get.”

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Smalling noticed that once he began to cut out red meat, his tendonitis started to disappear.

While normally he suffers from tendonitis during pre-season, he has not yet suffered from it at all.

He also credited vegan documentaries for his decision to commit to a vegan diet.

As well as demonstrating the benefits of a vegan diet, Chris Smalling has also been encouraging people to not leave their dogs in hot cars.

Working with PETA, he made a video to remind people about the dangers of leaving dogs in cars over the summer.

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