Clothes For Winter Training | A List Of What You Need

clothes for winter training

Clothes for winter training

If you’re (un)lucky enough t live in the northern hemisphere, you’re currently deep in winter. The weather is turning colder, there’ll be a lot more rain and you’ll generally have less motivation to get out of the door and exercise. Having the right clothes for working out in winter will have a huge influence. It’ll be the reason you’re freezing cold or building up a bit of a sweat and keeping warm. Here’s a few top picks for the winter months!

Start with a base layer

clothes for winter training

The most important of all clothes for winter training, a base layer has a number of uses. It’s going to help keep you warm by adding an extra layer of insulation but more importantly, it’ll wick away any sweat from your skin. This means that as you sweat you won’t feel horrible and wet which will lead to making you cold. Obviously, as it becomes colder and colder, start to wear thicker base layers and adapt them to the temperature.

I recommend this base layer, it’s long sleeve and keeps you very warm. If you need to be slightly cooler try this as it’s short sleeved.

Always have gloves handy

Whether you start with them on or put them on half way, make sure you’ve got them. As you go down hill the wind can really start to bite, especially your fingers. No one likes cold hands, especially as they start to go numb.

If you’re after a great pair of mens gloves, have a look at these and if you’re a lady, try these!

Jackets- the king of warmth

clothes for winter training

Depending on the jacket you choose, it could be windproof, waterproof or have thermal properties. Either way, you want a jacket that’s going to do its job. I’d advise having one jacket which is completely waterproof, meaning it doesn’t let anything in and it doesn’t let anything out while not being that warm. Then, also have a soft-shell jacket, these are incredibly warm and insulating but typically aren’t as good at waterproofing.

For jackets, have a look at this AMAZING Gore mens jacket (I can’t stress how good Gore products are!) and this Gore women’s jacket.

Those clothes for winter training are the most critical. Don’t forget to load up on the layers so you can strip them off as you get warm. The worst thing is being cold and wet for the time you’re out!


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