Co-Op To Add 100 Vegan Wines To Match Consumer Demand

co-op vegan wine

During 2018, Co-Op will work with their current suppliers, with the aim of adding at least 100 new vegan wines to their supermarkets.

As more and more people become vegan, demand for vegan food and drinks has drastically increased. While it’s led to the creation of new vegan startups, established businesses are having to adapt to meet consumer demands.

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Category trading manager for Co-op wines, Simon Cairns stated: “We are anticipating vegan wines to pick up momentum throughout 2018, so our range will be expanding throughout the year and we will continue to challenge suppliers to make wines vegan where they can without affecting the attributes of the liquid.”

Alcohol often contains animal-derived ingredients such as isinglass (fish bladder), honey, egg whites, casein (whey based protein) and gelatin. While some alcohol is already vegan, wine is especially notorious for including animal-based ingredients.

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