Commonly Asked Vegan Questions: ANSWERED #1

common vegan questions

Commonly asked vegan questions

In this series we debunk a number of commonly asked vegan questions that have people either not willing to join the movement or using it in an endless onslaught of questions to someone who is. If you have any questions you need answering, leave it in the comment section below.

But what about my vitamins? Will I be deficient in Vitamin D?

Vitamin deficiencies are actually something we don’t need to be particularly worried about, as long as you’re eating enough you’re almost definitely getting enough vitamins. In the case of vitamin D we simply get this from sunlight and you’ll only need to consume dietary Vitamin D if you don’t get enough daily time in sunlight. If you do need to supplement then things like orange juice, mushrooms and almond milk are great! See below for the minimum time in sunlight to meet the recommended daily Vitamin D intake.

Being vegan, the main Vitamin we need to make sure we get enough of is Vitamin B12, this can be found in eating nutritional yeasts and is pretty high in marmite surprisingly enough! Vitamin B12 levels should be at least 300 (500 ideally), if you’re worried about not getting enough you can get an easy B12 shot or spray. I’ve been vegan for 2 years now and haven’t needed this nor have any deficiencies, in fact my body is more abundant in vitamins and my blood tests show my body to be in much better health!

Aren’t babies meant to drink milk? How will they develop properly if they don’t drink enough cows milk?

Humans are never meant to consume milk, let alone any other animal products.

All infants in every species, be it animal or human, are meant to consume breast milk from their own mother in the first stages of life. Milk contains growth hormone which is meant for ONLY infant animals or humans- not when fully developed. The growth hormone allows infants to reach their developed states adequately and sufficiently and without it, infants would be malnourished. However, we don’t need to consume milk from other species (you don’t see cows drinking human milk and it shouldn’t happen roles reversed).

As such, being fed via breast milk delivers the infant with all the minerals and vitamins they need. However, once the child moves on from consuming breast milk the focus should be on having a high carbohydrate and high protein diet to develop fully. The bottom line is that humans were never meant to consume animal products and so our bodies, even from birth, are set up to live and develop fully without any animal products.

Isn’t it expensive to be vegan?

Being vegan is the cheapest way to eat, it’s only expensive if you make it so. Vegan food can cost next to nothing, things like rice, potatoes, vegetables and oats will be among the cheapest ton your shopping list. The fact is that you can eat easily above 3000 calories for under a couple of dollars a day. If you’re really skimping it then buying a simple sauce to mix with rice or potatoes works well and oats with sugar for breakfast is perfect too. Depending where you live, you might be able to pick up a load of fruit for only a few dollars too.

What makes being vegan expensive is if you eat out all the time and buy the fake vegan meats or cheese. These are good occasionally but try to focus on whole foods, it’ll be more healthy and keep your wallet a lot more healthy too!

How will I ever eat out for dinner, surely nowhere serves vegan food?

Here’s where Happy Cow comes in. You search per your location and it’ll spit out a load of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. It’ll also give you a list of stores that stock vegan and vegetarian products meaning all this handy info is in one place. There’s not really any reason for this to be an excuse to not be vegan, most places will have a dish that can have something removed to make it vegan and theres now thousands of independent and chain vegan restaurants all over the world. You’ll be able to take your non-vegan mates out and show them that vegan food is DELICIOUS.

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