A Completely Vegan Football Club | Forest Green Rovers

completely vegan football club

Forest Green Rovers currently sit in the fifth tier of English football. They’re now the worlds first completely vegan football club, with the aim to cause the least environmental impact as possible. The drive behind this change is their chairman, Dale Vince who is a vegan himself.

completely vegan football club

The club are currently planning a 100 million investment into building a brand new sustainable stadium along with various other facilities at the site.

As they are now a completely vegan football club, Forest Green Rovers no longer sell meat, dairy, eggs or anything derived from animals. The changes started a few years back and it has been a gradual shift towards making them a completely vegan football club.

It started with removing milk products from the ground’s shops and replacing them with plant-based alternatives such as soy and oat milk. Next came removing meat. They stopped selling burgers and hotdogs and instead offered plant-based alternatives along with fish. However, this year they now serve completely vegan food and have excluded fish.

completely vegan football club

They currently have a large installation of solar panels and hope that their stadium can run solely off the power produced by these. Along with that, they use an ‘organic pitch’ meaning they don’t spray harming pesticides and insecticides, which are bad for not only human health (cancer causing) but also contribute to the death of many animals and insects. Forest Green Rovers collect any¬†water that runs off the pitch and then recycle it to use on the pitch again in future.

completely vegan football club

Being the first completely vegan football club, we have to hope that more clubs start to follow suit. With the huge benefits eating vegan has on your health and the ability to hugely reduce costs, it would be surprising if we don’t see another completely vegan football club in the near future.


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