Why Confronting Fur Wearers Is Okay


Recently on Twitter I saw a video being circulated, of a woman wearing a fur coat being confronted by an animal rights activist. Strangely, it wasn’t the fact a woman was wearing the skin of multiple dead animals that pissed most people off, it was in fact the way the activist was speaking and approaching her. Cries of ‘he’s harassing her’ and ‘a woman shouldn’t be followed like that on the street’ ensued, with the issue at hand totally being lost.

Here’s the video to give some context:

Sure, this mans way of approaching the situation was tough, but the woman made a conscious choice to dress herself in this material, for no reason other than self obsession. I am a woman myself, and believe cat calling and harassment on streets in a sexual way is NEVER okay. This however, had nothing to do with gender, this could have been a guy wearing a fur coat, and the exact same approach would have been used. Do not use the cry ‘SEXISM’ just because the person being approached is a woman. She is not innocent, and this guy is not speaking to her for his own self gain.

fur hag
A prime example of a fur hag.

This woman, to put things into perspective, when asked why she’s wearing fur simply replies ‘because it’s so soft and warm’. Are you fucking serious? She’s clearly well off going by what she’s wearing and that she’s got shopping in her hands, so this item was only bought as a way to represent her monetary worth and show others that she can afford it.

She is a fur hag through and through. She bought this piece of clothing purely because of what it’s made out of, disregarding all the pain and suffering that went into it. Oh dear, did her feelings get hurt? Good. But she will won’t suffer 1% of the pain that went into her hideous piece of shit coat.

Fuck fur.

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