Cruel Scientists Create Genetically Modified ‘Low Fat Pork’

low fat pork

Scientists in China have been using genetic engineering to create low fat pork, by using genes from mice.

According to Channel News Asia, the engineered pigs have 24% less fat than normal pigs. Normal pigs lack a gene, called UCP1, making them susceptible to the cold and prone to fat deposition.

They created 2,553 cloned pig embryos, with were forcibly implanted in 13 female pigs. 12 piglets were born, and they were slaughtered for science only 6 months later.

The autopsy showed “an improved ability to maintain body temperature, decreased fat deposition, and increased carcass lean percentage”

Of course, if you want low fat alternatives to pork, there are many already available that don’t include genetically modifying and slaughtering animals.

Jackfruit is regularly used in pork recipes, due to its resemblance to pulled pork when cooked.

Try and tell me this doesn’t look like pork?

low fat pork

The amount of time, money and effort that went into creating this low fat pork in China is simply unnecessary. The pork will still be high in cholesterol and a Group 2a carcinogen, meaning that it is probable to cause cancer.

There will still also be the immense environmental impacts. Although they claim that the GMO pigs can regulate their body temperature better so would need less heating, this would be minimal.

They would still require the same resources to raise and feed them, and would produce the same amount of waste.

It is also, frankly, a new level of cruelty. Netflix hit Okja pulled heartstrings when it was released earlier this year.

Featuring GMO ‘super pigs’, it highlighted how cruel and abhorrent the industry is, and turned many people vegan.

However, only a few months later, and GMO low fat pigs are a sad reality. This is not what the world needs, and should not be encouraged in any way.

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