Cultured Meat: What Do Vegans Think?


People are typically vegan for 3 main reasons. Ethics, health, and the environment. People are also not vegan for 1 main reason, the taste. The possible solution to combine the two? Cultured meat.

What is cultured meat? It’s very, very different from meat alternatives such as Quorn or Beyond Meat. This is a whole new ball game!

cultured meats

Cultured meat is essentially, meat. Not a mock meat, not imitation meat, but actual meat. The difference being, that cultured meat is grown, not bred. By growing meat in a laboratory, it brings food into a whole new world, and leading to a possible conflict of interests for vegans.

So, is cultured meat vegan? Although by the books it may not be vegan, because they originate from animal cells, it certainly achieves many of veganisms goals.

Less destruction of habitat? Check.

Less suffering and slaughtering of innocent animals? Check.

Less fat, saturated fats and cancer causing filth? Check.

cm env

The issue here is, that all the objectives mentioned above are animal liberation goals, not necessarily veganism. Vegans don’t even eat honey or use silk, so consuming products that originate from livestock cells might be a bit far.

The difference however between honey and silk and cultured meat, is that this meat is not taking anything away from the animal. The cells are taken in a biopsy on a mature animal, and that is it. They don’t need to produce anything for humans to then take away, and they are not bred for any other purpose.

The meat takes about 3 months to grow, and is significantly better for the environment than regular, cruelty flesh.

cultured meat

So not only do no animals have to be farmed or slaughtered, but only 1% of land is used! This is genuinely groundbreaking for veganism and creating a cruelty free world.

One of the main reasons I’ve heard vegans say they wouldn’t try this form of meat, are because of the health benefits they’ve found from not eating meat. However, an advantage of growing meat instead of farming it, is that you can control exactly what goes into it.

cultured 2

No farming of animals, means no need for constant antibiotic use, no growth promoting hormones, no heme-iron thought to be what causes cancer in red meat. 

Healthier Omega-3 fatty acids could replace saturated fat, with less harmful nitrates to keep it safe than regular meat too.

So, Cultured Meat or Mock Meat?

Sure you could get all these benefits and more from just eating replacements such as mock meat, but this isn’t what this product is designed. This isn’t a breakthrough for vegans, this is a breakthrough for the rest of the world.

Now, all those BS reasons non-vegans give for still eating meat, are just that, bullshit.

You like the taste of meat? Enjoy the cruelty free version.

Protein? Still available.

But humans were always designed to eat meat! You get the idea..

lab cultured

This is the leap we’ve been waiting for. The potential for good that these products have is unimaginable. Veganism is hard to get the whole world to take on, but this is the alternative that is arguably just as good. Unfortunately people will always want to eat meat, so give them a way to do so which doesn’t cause harm.

The millions of animals lives this will save is beyond belief. Deforestation could be halted, the environment helped and animal cruelty stopped. Although this is technically animal liberation and not veganism, we should encourage it with open arms.

The future is coming.

Memphis Meats, New Harvest and Future Foods are just 3 examples of companies who have seen the light. This will be worth millions and millions, and its about time the rest of the world realised.

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