Cycle Commuting Must Haves To Make Your Journey Easier


Cycle commuting is good for your health, your environment, and your pocket. However, it can also be a wet and windy affair. Luckily, there are some cycle commuting must haves out there, designed to make your journey as enjoyable as it can be.

Get a strong lock

It might be a bit of a pain, but it’s really important to invest in a sturdy lock. Otherwise, your commute might become a lot more expensive than you intended. Take it from someone who’s had a bike stolen, it is NOT fun.

D locks are the best, and make sure it comes with the extra attachment to wrap around your wheels. Otherwise, you might leave work to a nothing but a frame.

Good locks often come with an attachment that lets you clip it onto your frame when riding, so it won’t take up valuable bag space.

Get good lights

You need to both see, and be seen. However on busy city roads, being seen by other users is key. You need both front and rear lights, and for the battery to last. USB rechargeable lights are easiest, as you don’t need to keep buying batteries and can plug them into your computer when at work.

Cycling underwear

cycle commuting must haves

Cycling without a chamois isn’t the comfiest feeling in the world, so luckily there are chamois pants available. You can even get knickers that look like completely regular pants! No one will know you’ve got a chamois on, and it will make cycling a LOT more comfortable.

Cycling trousers

cycle commuting must haves

One of the most usable cycle commuting must haves are cycling trousers. These are, trousers which look regular and smart, yet are designed to perform on a bike too.

With a tuck away reflector, a stretchy cotton blend and a higher back rise to avoid a crack situation, these can be worn straight from the bike to the office.

Shower in a can

Not everyone has the luxury of showers at work, but that can no longer be an excuse. Feel fresh as a daisy in just a few minutes.

Keep shoes at work

A pretty simple tip, leaving work shoes at work means less to carry around!

Invest in a pannier

cycle commuting must haves

Carrying everything on your back is no fun, and panniers are the perfect solution. Just attach them, and away you go! It also means in summer you’ll have less of a sweaty back situation.

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