Why Cycling For Fitness Is The BEST Option


Cycling for fitness

So why should we ride bikes? Will it really get me fit? Questions posed by many. I’m here to tell you that cycling for fitness is the single best way to increase everyday activity and exercise levels.

I’ll explain why cycling is the best for building the fitness you’ve always dreamt of having.

It’s a low injury sport

The problem with people taking up running, tennis, kickboxing or other similar sports is that they’re high injury sports. Cycling isn’t.

But running is the most natural form of movement for the human body, so how can this be?

Ah, how many people run throughout their childhood, teens and all the way up into their middle age? Not many eh? See, running is the most natural form of exercise but the muscles aren’t there for most of us. Running takes years of steady build up to ensure we stay injury free. This is mainly due to the high impact and strain on muscles and tendons, which can lead to SERIOUS long-term damage.

With cycling though, you don’t need to spend years building muscles to ensure you don’t get injured. There’s very low impact on your knees and all other joints. This means you’re pretty much free to ride as much as you need to get as fit as you want.

Cycling for fitness - running causes injuries

Fit as f*ck

Not only does it keep you injury free but it can get you insanely fit.

You can EASILY burn 10,000 calories a week on a bike. Could you do that running? You’d have to be an incredible runner…!

I’m not saying running is bad, I’m just saying it’s not the best.

Cycling for fitness- it’s THE BEST option.

Cycling for fitness

The convenience

You can ride to work, to the shops, to school, to your friends house, wherever you want to go you can ride there. Now, what does this have to do with getting fit?

Why ever woman should start cycling.

The ability to use cycling as your main form of transport means more time on the saddle. Every minute on the bike is a minute spent improving your fitness. Just by riding to and from work everyday you’ll quickly build your fitness and find yourself gliding up flights of stairs with no shortage of breath

(While we’re on transport, cycling’s also the most efficient form of transport, go green and ride bikes!)

Cycling for fitness
Do awesome shit like fly down the sides of mountains

You can do EPIC things

I can promise you now, getting up your first major hill will feel like a huge accomplishment. But what about mountain passes or riding across the country? You probably think it’s impossible.

When you start riding, everything becomes possible and you’ll find yourself cycling for fitness but at the same time doing some seriously epic things.

It’ll make people around you go “wow, I never imagined you would do something like this!”

These are the comments we like!

In the process of motivating yourself to train and complete so many epic things, you’ll get more fit than you ever have been in the process.

Cycling for fitness

The bottom line?

Get a bike and ride it. Ride it to the shops, to work, for fun and really start getting into simply riding your bike. It’s the best thing you can do for your fitness. I know for a fact if I hadn’t started cycling, I would be NOWHERE near as fit as I am now.

If you’re new to cycling have a look at our top beginner bike tips here.



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