Dairy Free Flora To Expand Their Range!

dairy free flora

Flora has been leading the way with its dairy free Flora spreads, even advertising their vegan options on TV! They have recently announced that their dairy free range will now be expanding, good news for vegan all across the UK.

The spread company will be adding 3 new dairy flavours to their line, and can be used for cooking, spreading and baking.

The 3 flavours will be walnut, coconut and almond, and avocado and lime. They will be retailed at £1,50, and will come in 225g packs.

What’s even better, is Flora’s reasoning behind their release of these new vegan spreads. They have recognised that more people than ever are looking for vegan products, and are actively attempting to appeal to these needs.

Flora’s senior marketing manager stated;

“As a trusted brand, with plant goodness at its heart, Flora is perfectly positioned to offer [vegans] relevant, great tasting solutions aligned to this trend.

“Our delicious new range of flavoured, dairy free spreads have broad appeal, to both health conscious consumers, including those with a dairy intolerance, as well as those looking for new and interesting products to liven up their everyday meals.”

dairy free flora

Gone are the days of struggling to find just one vegan butter, soon there we’ll be spoilt for choice!

Dairy free flora demonstrates that anything Omni’s can eat, vegans can too. It’s also a great way of experimenting with the possibilities of butter, as I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen avocado and lime flavoured butter before of any kind!

The possibilities of cooking with walnut flavoured butter also sound very delicious, and I’m excited to see how it fares!

Flora has not yet mentioned when their new spreads will be released, however, some sources have stated that they are already on sale in the UK! Keep your eyes peeled, and let us know how they taste!


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