Olympic Champion Dani King Ditches Meat And Dairy


Former Olympic Champion, Dani King, has decided to start omitting meat and dairy from her diet.

James Arthur goes vegan after watching What The Health.

She announced the news on Instagram and claimed she made the decision after watching the documentary What The Health.

She said: “After watching the documentary ‘What is health’ I’ve decided to slowly try and reduce mainly meat and cows milk out of my diet.

What The Health is now on Netflix!

“I feel this could have benefits on my body/health & I will document how I get on. I’m used to eating meat every single day!!! Last week I found a little gem in Cardiff.. @milgicardiff ! Healthy, natural, fresh meat free meals”

She ended the post by asking fans their opinion on the documentary: “I would love to hear everyone’s option on the documentary as I know it’s become a talking point?”

What The Health has turned many high-level celebrities and sports stars vegan, the most recent being Ne-Yo and James Arthur being the most recent.

It details the horrendous effects of meat and dairy on the human body and has received a high level of attention gaining both positive and negative reviews.

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