David Attenborough Claims He’s Stopped Eating Meat

david attenborough vegetarian

Sir David Attenborough has stopped eating meat because he “doesn’t care for it”, although the veteran broadcaster claims he still eats fish.

In an interview with the Radio Times, he said: “I’ve given up meat, not for ideological reasons, I just don’t care for it too much. I do eat fish. Poor fish.”

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In June. Attenborough told Louis Theroux that he had become “increasingly vegetarian” and claimed, “I just don’t like the taste of it very much”.

Attenborough has previously claimed he finds farming practices “depressing” but insisted he’s not an animal lover.

“Animal lover means sentiment; a cloying, anthropomorphising sentiment. I don’t love earthworms or spiders. They’re rivetingly interesting and they give me huge intellectual pleasure. And aesthetic pleasure, I suppose. But that’s a different thing altogether.”

But does Attenborough hope Blue Planet II will persuade people to stop eating fish? He said: “Let’s get it clear, this wasn’t done as an axe-grinding series, a political series. It was done because our responsibility in the Natural History Unit is to illuminate the natural history of the world, including marine.” 

“It will just raise people’s awareness of the sea, the complexity and the responsibility. The only cheerful note is that you know how resilient these things are. Given half a chance, the ocean’s capacity for regeneration is quite extraordinary. We should take advantage of that.”


  1. I find it depressing that David Attenborough has the vast experience and enough intelligence to realise what humans have done to this planet and other species, but having given up meat finds it unnecessary to also give up fish. He realises the hypocrisy “poor fish” but gets defensive when challenged about veganism.
    If my wife and I could think it through to go vegan over a decade ago (we’re in our 60s) it is sad and even incomprehensible that he has not done so. It is as if he cannot ultimately accept the awful parasitic effect of human civilisation on other species and the planet: I gues they are both now largely doomed, because humans are even worse in a global connected society..

    • It is very sad to see. You would expect someone of his knowledge of the natural world to understand and realise the huge impact eating animals has on the environment. In the recent Blue Planet, they look at the suffering sea life but it could be helped hugely if more people stopped eating animals (one of the biggest polluters of waterways) and fish, leading to extensive overfishing. It would be refreshing to see David Attenborough move to veganism and heavily promote it, that would surely help to persuade others to also try it to lessen their damage to other living things and the environment.

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