Dear, World. Hurry Up And Go Vegan


When’s it going to happen? The plant-based, vegan revolution is taking place. Slowly but surely, friends and family are committing themselves to ditching animal products and changing their life. That being said, I wish the world was vegan already.

We can almost pinpoint the exact time veganism started BOOMING. The last quarter of 2015 is when things really got going. More people than ever are searching for the term ‘vegan’ and that can only be a good thing.

It’s the same for the search term ‘plant-based’. Thank fuck things are starting to change. It seemed like it was never going to happen. The main thing now is to keep it at the forefront of people’s minds. Keep veganism in the media. The more people talking about it, the more people going vegan.

Let’s face it. The world going vegan is a long way off. But with that we’ve been seeing in places such as Israel, Berlin, Brighton, Los Angeles, Turin and Chiang Mai, it’s really starting to take hold. These are cities and countries where veganism is huge. They’re havens for animal lovers and plant eaters with their abundance of vegan restaurants and the acceptance of the lifestyle.

Not only that but we’re seeing Denmark implement a ‘meat-tax’ and the German government ban meat at official events. These steps are small but if you’d said this to me even a few years ago I’d probably have laughed in your face. The unthinkable is starting to become reality.

Just take a look at Israel, they could well be the FIRST vegan country.

The joke goes around plenty but this is actually something we can THANK millennials for. They’ve been the catalyst for change. They’re the ones with the open minds and the willingness to adapt. In doing so, they’ve opened their parents eyes and their family’s eyes.

Change is spreading fast and it’s going to be hard to stop. We’re getting exposing documentaries like Cowspiracy, Earthlings and Forks Over Knives.

The demographic taking veganism up in their thousands are really passionate too. We post on social media, share videos and confront people with the truth. All to spread the vegan message that little bit further.

Finally, the world going vegan doesn’t seem so impossible. Every day the movement is taking a smaller step to a massive future.

Hey, I probably wont see it in my lifetime but I can know that even in the slightest I might’ve helped it along its way. Health, sustainability, freedom for animals and pumping life back into our environment. That’s the future. That’s veganism.


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