Demand For Plant-Based Protein Set To Skyrocket In 2018

plant-based protein

The latest study has suggested demand for plant-based protein will surge in 2018, overtaking the demand for organic meat.

The report, published by Eurostar Commodities and Bite UK, revealed that plant-based protein is set to surpass organic meat in terms of popularity in 2018.

The report stated: “We predict that vegan protein will continue to feature strongly and will perform at a higher level than organic during 2018,”

In an interview with Global Meat News, Jason Bull, sales director at Eurostar Commodities and Bite UK, explained that: “There are lower calories in plant-based proteins, so it will appeal to a broader audience who are doing moderate exercise as opposed to hardcore bodybuilding.

The British public is becoming more and more comfortable with vegan proteins that they would never have heard of just a few years ago.”

Plant-based foods have become increasingly popular over the past few years, with more of the general public adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. It’s seen chains and brands launch new vegan products to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

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