Denmark’s Meat Tax Genius


Well this is bloody awesome. Finally a country is considering to tackle climate change in the most effective manner possible. With Denmark’s meat tax a not too distant possibility, could this be the time change happens?

We’ve known it for years, the most damaging contributor to our environment is animal agriculture. Yet, our governments and a majority of the general public fail to realise and act accordingly. The reasons are pretty simple too, everyone just ‘loves meat’ too much that they can’t stop murdering animals, and the governments rake in too much cash in taxes from animal agricultural industry.

What’s most concerning and the reason why change hasn’t started sooner, is that high level industry leaders involved in animal agriculture are on national dietary and environmental industry. Both ironic and a clear conflict of interest at the same time, eh?

Denmark's Meat tax would be first time it's taken seriously

Anyways, now we’re finally starting to see change. We can only hope that this law is passed and other countries follow suit later down the line.

Unsurprisingly, one Danish politician, Thomas Danielsen, has tried to taint the picture. Stating that “Maybe it would get beef consumption to fall in Denmark, but it wouldn’t do much of anything for the world’s CO2 emissions.”, he is a clear example of why laws like this have not been passed sooner.

This is the problem. Politicians typically know next to fuck all and only choose to listen to who suits their agenda the best.

However, any reasonably knowledgeable, unbiased person would tell Thomas a few things (here’s a list of a lot more):

  1. Animal agriculture (particularly Cows) is the cause of 91% of Brazilian rainforest deforestation and as a by-product that 110 species are lost and destroyed forever, PER DAY!
  2. One hamburger is the equivalent to 2 months worth of showers.
  3. Animal agriculture is responsible one third of the worlds water consumption.
  4. Additionally, animal agriculture also contributes more to greenhouse gases than all transportation COMBINED. 
  5. Thomas should also know that, if a person were to consume a vegan diet, they would contribute 50% less C02, use an eleventh the oil, a thirteenth the water and an eighteenth the land.

Now, while not all of these are specific to Denmark, I think it’s safe to say climate change and damage to the environment is a global issue, and that many of these statistics are very similar country to country.

Denmark’s Meat Tax

Either way, we can only hope Denmark’s meat tax becomes a real thing, passing the legislation and Thomas keeps his un-informed mouth quiet.

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