Ultimate Toothpaste Guide: All You Need to Know to Maintain a Healthy Smile


Dental hygiene is important for everyone. You need to be brushing your teeth and regularly flossing. How about the toothpaste you’re using though? You’re probably unaware of the sheer amount of varying types out there.

With the increasing number of toothpaste brands and types, it can be confusing to choose the one to buy. You need not be overwhelmed by the wealth of choices you have. What you need is to learn more information about toothpastes and come up with a decision based on what you think suits you best.

Toothpastes are created to clean teeth. With the wide variety of products found on the market today, some will do more than simply clean. You will find that others can effectively whiten, remove more stain or reduce pain when brushing. If most toothpaste is formulated with strong chemicals, some are made with organic ingredients that do not harm you or the environment.

Regardless of the brand, it is best to choose a toothpaste with the American Dental Association (ADA) seal. If you suffer from bleeding gums, you might have gingivitis. There are anti-gingivitis toothpastes you can buy to help control this condition. If you have sensitive teeth, there’s a toothpaste that reduces pain. You can also find products that whiten teeth or reduce tartar. Your dentist might prefer products with more fluoride content for strengthens teeth and reduces cavities.

Toothpastes now come in various types, flavours, colours and brands. Determine your needs and see if your choice product can address those needs. You can also ask your dentist’s recommendation. This infographic can serve as your comprehensive guide about toothpastes to help you decide on the one to buy. Check this out.

Ultimate Toothpaste Guide: All You Need to Know to Maintain a Healthy Smile

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