How Not To Die From Heart Disease


How not to die from heart disease

Heart disease is the number one killer in most developed nations. It equates to over 690,000 deaths in the US every year. Your chance of dying from heart disease is 1 in 4. You’re more likely to die from heart disease than anything else. If you eat the standard western diet that is.

Heart disease is otherwise known as atherosclerosis. Essentially the build up of fatty deposits caused by high fat animal products, especially cholesterol. As the plaque builds up, the arteries around your heart become more and moe constricted, eventually causing a heart attack.

The easiest way to avoid heart disease is to eat vegan. Cut out animal products completely. Heart disease starts in childhood, streaks of fat start as early as the age of 10. A vegan diet cuts out cholesterol altogether and fat from plant sources is substantially less likely to contribute to coronary heart disease.

die from heart disease

Most aren’t lucky enough to have been eating a vegan diet from birth. However, it can be quickly reversed even within a matter of weeks. This can only be done by the adoption of a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Medication prescribed for heart disease is in no way good for our bodies. It’s merely in place to keep you ticking along a little longer. However, switching to a vegan diet will mean there’s no need for the medication. The heart disease will be reversed an you’ll thrive. It’s the biggest kept secret in medicine.

die from heart disease

If everyone knew the incredible benefits of eating healthy and eating plant-based, there’d be less money in medicine. There’s only a handful of doctors speaking the truth. Food is the real medicine and is the best way to helping your body live the longest and fullest life.

The video is great for explaining more of the science behind the issue.

I’d strongly recommend checking out these doctors and hearing their opinions on our current health crisis.

  • Dr Michael Greger
  • Dr Caldwell Esselstyn
  • Dr Neal Barnard
  • Dr T. Colin Campbell
  • Dr John McDougall

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