“Diet Gurus”- Sometimes We Need To Ignore Them


While this video is slightly controversial and mainly there for the humour, it’s worth noting some standout truths about “diet gurus”.

“Diet Gurus”- legit or shit?

It tells a lot if we look at the lead “diet gurus” or founders of certain diets. From the high fat, high protein paleo side we have people like Robert Atkins, Loren Cordain and William Davis. However, if we look to those who are plant-based advocates we see a group of lean, slim and trim individuals.

Robert Atkins, the creator of the Atkins diet, was overweight and out of shape himself, yet claimed his diet was the healthiest. He promoted low carb, low energy, cruel diets.

And while this isn’t fat shaming. It’s outlining that you should take advice from people where the results are tried and tested and where the suggested advice is sustainable.

People still follow someones advice even if they don’t walk their own talk. Why is this? Perhaps because people want to be told that what they’re doing is okay and they can keep on at it?

diet gurus

The solution

The fact is that people should take advice from where it’s obvious it works. Think Dr Neal Bernard or Dr C. Esselstyn.

Today, the go-to “obesity experts” are obese themselves. The “diabetes experts” have diabetes. Most “diet gurus” frankly just have a shit diet. It therefore makes sense that we should pay no attention to them. If we do, it’s so that we can learn not to heed any of their advice.

Even if they’re there with a gleaming ‘nutritionist’ or ‘dietitian’ title. Just because they have the qualification doesn’t mean they’re right or their advice actually works.

Society should promote one another to follow the advice of people who are living examples of their words and of their work.

diet gurus

If you want to see examples of health look to read The Starch Solution and The China Study. If you’re into Youtube, I recommend reading a couple of Durianriders ebooks too. You might not like the guy but you can’t deny it works.

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