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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Vegan assaulted by Southern Rail employee; Get Wurst brings vegan bratwurst to London; Brazil to ban cosmetic animal testing; The best vegan apps; Easy seitan recipes to try at home.

Vegan Assaulted By Southern Rail Employee

vegan assaulted

Many people don’t agree with vegans, but that doesn’t justify ever assaulting them. Southern Rail is in a sticky situation after it was revealed that one of their employees in Sussex threw a bucket of soapy water over a vegan who was doing chalk artwork outside of the station.

So, what was this artwork that was so triggering to the employee? Simply the statement;

‘nothing humane ever happens in the slaughterhouse’

Hardly emotionally attacking or provocative is it? However, it was enough to compel this woman to assault a member of the public.

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Get Wurst Brings Vegan Bratwurst To London

get wurst

Paul and Lindsay Melbourne are the founders of Get Wurst. A brand with the aim to bring the best of Berlin to London.

The business has two vegan options which include a bratwurst in a bun with sauerkraut, onions and pickles and also a vegan currywurst with home-made currywurst sauce.

Paul told, ‘We don’t make the sausages ourselves, we have tried but to get a proper bratwurst you have to go to Germany, only they do it best!’

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Brazil To Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing

Humane Society International (HSI) has praised the Commission of Science and Technology of the Brazilian Senate for voting unanimously in favour of strong amendments to proposed federal legislation to ban cosmetic animal testing and trade in brazil.

The changes proposed by Senator Randolfe Rodrigues will close major loopholes in the current legislation. This will build on current legislation on existing state-level bans that spread accross the country and will position Brazil alongside the 37 other major economies who have already passed similar legislation.

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The Best Vegan Apps You Need To Download

Perhaps you can recall a time before smartphone apps could magically link you to vegan meals, identify vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products, and decorate your texts with cute veggie emojis—but why would you want to?

Our phones and other personal devices are treasure troves of knowledge that tell us where to find tasty cruelty-free eats and help us save animals.

Here are our top seven vegan-friendly apps that you need to download now.

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Easy Seitan Recipes To Try At Home!

seitan recipes

Despite the rather ominous name, seitan is one of the best foods vegans can use. It’s texture and consistency means it’s great to use as a meat substitute, especially for meats such as chicken. In case you can’t make it to Temple of Hackney (the best seitan spot in London), here are some easy seitan recipes to try yourself. See if you can fool your Omni friends!

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