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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Agriculture minister brands vegan products ‘unsettling’; Review- are Votch’s worth the money?; The vegan NBA star; Keeping vegan dogs healthy; Power foods- the solution to the west’s health problem; Vegan hampers; Response to the West Australian.

Keeping Vegan Dogs Healthy

vegan dogs healthy

If you’re thinking of moving your dogs onto a new diet there’s some things you’ve got to keep in mind. It’s easy to keep vegan dogs healthy and happy, in fact even more so than those who eat a regular diet. There’s a few basic things to keep in mind to make sure they’re getting everything they need from their new diet.

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Power Foods- The Solution To The West’s Health Problem

power foods

In a time where our obesity rates and general health is getting worse, it’s time people own up and take a serious look at what’s on their plate. The meat and dairy they think is ‘making them healthy’ is actually the cause of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Neal Barnard recommends certain power foods that can do away with the medication and treat these illnesses with food.

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Review: Votch Vegan Watches – Worth The Money?

Veganism is well and truly taking over the world (at last!), and the success of Votch vegan watches is one way of reflecting this. Launched only this year, all but three of their designs have completely sold out! I was lucky enough to be given one this Christmas, but do they live up to the £120 price tag?

votch vegan watches

I must mention that I’m not a big spender, so although £120 isn’t much for a watch, it really is for me! So what do you get with these Votch vegan watches?

Well, you get a range of classy and classic colour combinations, with one to suit every style out there. I got the grey and rose gold (which I utterly adore), and it suits my pale complexion perfectly.

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6 Vegan Hampers You Can Buy Right Now

Vegan hampers and selection boxes are great gift ideas. They’re also good for if you want to spoil yourself and indulge in a bunch of vegan snacks or treats. We’ve got a list of hampers to suit almost every Occassion. Birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s, we’ve got you.

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Agriculture Minister Brands Vegan Products ‘Unsettling’

agriculture minister

Vegetarian sausages should be called something else because the term is misleading as they do not contain meat, Germany’s agriculture minister has said.

Christian Schmidt called for a ban on names such as “vegetarian schnitzel”, “vegetarian sausage” and “vegetarian meatballs”, which contain meat-substitute products, because they are confusing for customers.

I guess you could say ‘bacon’ and ‘eggs’ are all misleading too right? If we wanted ‘clarity’ and ‘transparency’ we should be calling it murdered pig and chickens period. What a ridiculous man. The animal agriculture industry funds a huge amount of politicians and makes up a large portion of donations.

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The Best Vegan Bath Bombs | Perfect For Presents

Every girl in your life will love a good bath bomb. Glitter, sparkles, vibrant colours and a relaxing bath is a perfect gift for any girl out there. Here’s a bunch of the best vegan bath bombs that work as great presents!

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Vegan Athlete: Wilson Chandler, The Vegan NBA Star

wilson chandler

Vegan athletes are becoming increasingly more common. People and especially sports persons are beginning to realise the huge benefits switching to a vegan lifestyle has. They often report improved health, better performance, improved sleep and more resilience to injuries or illness. Wilson Chandler is one of the latest athletes to turn to a vegan diet to better his career.

Posting career highs, Wilson Chandler has only recently returned to featuring in games due to recurring injuries with his hips. After undergoing operations to fix the issue, he turned to a vegan diet to make sure the injury doesn’t recur and to improve his game.

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Response To The West Australian, Full Of Vegan Hate

Veganism has really taken off this 2016, which is good not only for the animals and the environment, but also for peoples health. Yet, apparently this isn’t enough for a journalist at The West Australian, whose misinformed and hate inspired piece on veganism is utterly ridiculous.

Katrina Stokes writes that teens are being “fed pressure” to go vegan, arguing that “young, uninformed, impressionable teenagers” don’t know the true consequences of going vegan.

Yet, these same impressionable teenagers are day after day being fed adverts for KFC, milk, McDonalds and meat, but it’s the idea of eating plant based foods that is damaging to their health?

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