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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: UK public now consumes 50 percent less beef; Theresa May to announce u-turn decision on fox hunting; Aldi launch new meat-free line; ‘Lab-fish’ startup to match the price of bluefin tuna by 2019; Laverne Cox launches vegan nail polish line; Vegan eatery ‘Cook Daily’ to create new dish with Wagamama; Are vegan politicians the way forward?

UK Public Now Consumes 50 Percent Less Beef

A new report has shown that the UK public now consumes 50 percent less beef and veal than in the 1970s.

The figures, compiled by market research company ReportLinker, show that the British public is now consuming 110 grams less per person per week.

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Success! Theresa May Makes U-Turn Decision On Fox Hunting

fox hunting

During the election campaign, Theresa May said that she would hold a free vote on whether to overturn the ban on fox hunting. Now, she’s set to abandon the idea.

According to the Sunday Times, Theresa May will formally announce this decision in early 2018, which will be sure to infuriate rural upper-class Tories.

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Aldi Launch New Meat-Free Range


Budget supermarket chain Aldi has launched a new range meat-free of products, in stores across the US.

According to a Reddit user, who claims to work for Aldi, the chain has begun rolling out a brand new range of vegetarian and vegan options in certain stores.

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‘Lab Fish’ Startup To Match Price Of Bluefin Tuna By 2019

lab fish

Food tech company ‘Finless Foods’ has announced they plan to make it accessible and cheap for customers to eat seafood without destroying the oceans.

The company, which uses fish cells to grow the fish meat, announced they will be able to match the price of bluefin tuna by 2019.

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Laverne Cox Launches Vegan Nail Polish Line

laverne cox nail polish

Together with beauty brand Orly, OITNB star Laverne Cox has debuted a new line of vegan nail polish.

Known for her role as transgender prison hairstylist Sophia Burset, Cox announced she was vegan earlier in the year in a video alongside fellow vegan and Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose.

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Vegan Eatery ‘Cook Daily’ To Create New Dish With Wagamama

cook daily

London based eatery Cook Daily has announced that they have teamed up with Wagamama to create an exclusive vegan dish, especially for upcoming Veganuary.

According to Plant-Based News, the new dish will be available at the London location of Cook Daily, along with Wagamama’s noodle labs which can be found in central London.

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Are Vegan Politicians The Way Forward?

With rumours circulating around Jeremy Corbyn’s consideration of becoming a vegan, are vegan politicians and their attitudes that come with it the way forward?

Corbyn has been a vegetarian since the age of 20 after working on a pig farm and being distressed by what he saw.

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