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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: We tried the tried the new Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream; Thousands of vegan activists march on London for animal liberation; Our review of Pudology vegan desserts; Is enough legally done to protect farm animals?; Vegan bodybuilder another to dispel vegan protein myth; Kenya implements groundbreaking laws against plastic bags; Bulgarian vegans hold large anti-fur protests; Rice protein industry to be valued at $115 million by 2024; Large chain adds vegan pumpkin spice latte to their menu; Cheaper fruit and vegan can save lives according to new study.

Opinion: We Tried The New VEGAN Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream In The UK

At their outlet in Soho, press gathered to taste Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream which will be available from the end of September.

We were able to find out some more details and try the three new flavours arriving on UK shores.

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THOUSANDS Of Vegan Activists March In London To End Animal Abuse

On Saturday, approximately 5,000 vegan, animal rights activists joined together to protest on the streets of London.

It’s the second annual mass animal rights protest that has been organised in London with last years attracting around 2,500 demonstrators.

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Review: Pudology Dairy And Gluten Free Pots

Veganism is taking over UK supermarkets, and you know that takeover is almost complete when 100% vegan chocolate puddings are becoming the norm. Pudology believes that everyone should be able to enjoy delicious desserts, and we agree!

“We realised in 2010 that there very few tasty treats for people who had a dairy and egg intolerance! We were determined to create treats that were both delicious and gluten free.”

“Pudology is passionate about creating the most tasty and delicious Gluten Free Desserts!  We are constantly developing and improving  new desserts and treats and looking at what our wonderful customers would like!” 

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Is Enough Legally Done To Protect Farm Animals?

Many people defend eating animals because they believe that the entire process is ‘humane’. However, new evidence clearly proves that this is clearly untrue, and at an inhumane pig farm in Bristol, the animals live their entire lives in squalor.

The farm was apparently following governmental guidelines on keeping pigs, and sadly, this farms conditions are not an exception.

The government has legal guidelines to protect farm animals, however, what farms are allowed to do is still shocking. According to the government, on pig farms, farmers are allowed to:

And that is all perfectly LEGAL!

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Vegan Bodybuilder Another To Dispel The Vegan Protein Myth

vegan bodybuilder

Hin Chun Chui is one of the few vegan athletes in China. He has now been a vegan for over three years, winning a number of competitions and proving to his meat-eating competitions, that you don’t need meat to succeed.

Hin trains for over five hours a day, while he has also just opened his own gym, Revol Fitness, to promote plant-based eating.

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Kenya Implements New Law Against Plastic Bags


Kenya has begun implementing a new law which imposes restrictions against the production of plastic bags.

Kenya is the first to implement such legislation, up until now we have only seen governments impose taxes on plastic bags or partially ban their use.

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Vegans In Bulgaria Hold Anti Fur Protest

anti fur protest

A nationwide anti fur protest has taken place today in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Those taking part are demanding an end to the abhorrently cruel practice of fur farming, and will take place in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food building.

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Rice Protein industry To Hit $115 Million By 2024

rice protein

According to a report compiled in July by Global market Insights Inc. the rice protein industry is set to be valued at $115 million by 2024.

The findings suggest that continued interest and growth in vegan diets is expected to fuel the industry’s expansion thanks to a “shift in consumer preference towards [a] vegan diet, owing to its benefits of reducing the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity.”

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Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte Added To Coffee Giant’s Menu

Peet’s Coffee and Tea will be adding a new vegan pumpkin spice latte to its menu between August 30th and October 31st.

Along with the addition of a new drink, the coffee chain has also added coconut milk and coconut whipped cream as a further, permanent offering in store.

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Cheaper Fruit And Veg Can Save Lives According To Study

According to a new study, making fruit and vegetables cheaper by increasing subsidies could easily save 150,000 lives by 2030.

“Large socio-economic disparities exist in US dietary habits and cardiovascular disease mortality. While economic incentives have demonstrated success in improving dietary choices, the quantitative impact of different dietary policies on cardiovascular disease mortality disparities is not well established.”

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