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In today’s Veggie Athletic Weekly News Digest: Delicious vegan eggnog recipes; Vegan coats that put cruel brands to shame; France leads the charge towards eco-friendly living; Plant-based nutrition course at eCornell; Tesla are going vegan | the first true eco-friendly car; London’s fist VEGAN chicken shop is here; Vegan Christmas guide | 2016; Why New Years diet resolutions don’t work; Vegan protest shuts down a London Louis Vuitton store.

Vegan Coats That Put Cruel Brands To Shame

Canada Goose recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. They continue to produce coats and winter wear that use the fur from murdered coyotes. Fear not, there are still plenty of places to buy vegan coats with one brand in particular aiming to go head-to-head with Canada Goose.

Wully Outerwear

vegan coats wully outerwear

Step in Wully Outerwear. The Canadian brand are dedicated to delivering premium winter coats that don’t compromise on the treatment of animals. Now they’re not exactly cheap, one of their bomber jackets will set you back $649CAD but they ensure completely cruelty-free products and pledge to donate $10 from each jacket sold to the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals. I know where I’d rather be spending my money.

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France Leads The Charge Towards Eco-Friendly Living

eco-friendly living

A year or two back, it was preliminarily discussed that France would implement a law calling for all new buildings to be covered with greenery (aka plants and foliage) or solar panels. The dream here being, eco-friendly living. Now changes in Paris are starting to happen.

France isn’t the first country. In fact, we’ve seen similar laws passed in places such as Germany, Australia as well as Toronto. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo plans to add a total of 247 acres of green land in the city by 2020.

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Clothes For Winter Training | A List Of What You Need

If you’re (un)lucky enough t live in the northern hemisphere, you’re currently deep in winter. The weather is turning colder, there’ll be a lot more rain and you’ll generally have less motivation to get out of the door and exercise. Having the right clothes for winter training will have a huge influence. It’ll be the reason you’re freezing cold or building up a bit of a sweat and keeping warm. Here’s a few top picks for the winter months!

Start with a base layer

clothes for winter training

The most important of all clothes for winter training, a base layer has a number of uses. It’s going to help keep you warm by adding an extra layer of insulation but more importantly, it’ll wick away any sweat from your skin.

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Plant-Based Nutrition Course At eCornell

Plant-Based Nutrition Course

If you’re looking for a plant-based nutrition course, there’s a few options to choose from. However, there is one that stands a little higher than the rest. This is of course Plant-Based Nutrition at eCornell.

Lead by none other Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his son Dr. Thomas Campbell, it’s a course taught by the modern-day pioneers of plant-based nutrition.

Dr Campbell was first made famous by his publication of The China Study, Whole and The Low-Carb Fraud. Here he turned conventional thinking on diet on it’s head. He proved that many major chronic diseases are turned on and off by the foods we eat. For example, he found that cultures who eat an almost exclusive plant-based diet saw an almost 0% obesity, heart disease and diabetes rate.

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Tesla Are Going Vegan | The First True Eco Friendly Car

tesla going vegan

Tesla are known as being one of the most environmentally friendly brands of cars out there. Now, they plan to take their sustainability one step further. Tesla are going vegan.

Earlier this year Tesla unveiled a new SUV which is completely vegan. They aren’t the first to offer vegan cars. We’ve already seen brands such as Ferrari, BMW and Lexus all offer faux leather options. However, they were only options. Now, as Tesla are going vegan, it means the car will come cruelty-free as standard.

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London’s First VEGAN Chicken Shop Is Here!

There is genuinely ZERO valid reasons not to be vegan anymore, and this seals the deal. London’s first vegan chicken shop is finally here, and it looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Fantastically named ‘Temple of Seitan”, this shop will convert non-vegans, and be utter heaven for those who are already vegan.

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Vegan Christmas Guide | 2016

vegan christmas guide

It’s almost Christmas and we’ve got a bunch of handy guides and tips to have your most vegan Christmas yet. Catch up on anything you might’ve missed and have all the resources in one great place. Here’s our 2016 vegan Christmas guide.

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New Years Diet Resolutions Don’t Work

new years diet resolutions don't work

Going on a diet as your New Years resolution? Don’t. New Years diet resolutions don’t work.

Let me cut to the chase. It’s not going to work. There is, however, something that will work. It’s a lifestyle change.

Diets don’t work. Never have, never will. If you follow a diet, by the end of it you’ll be drained and exhausted. You’ll also put all that weight and fat back on. You’ll go back to your sluggish self and you’ll feel shit about it.

Diets only work while you’re doing them and diets are unsustainable. They often damage your long term health and almost certainly ruin your current mental state. New Years diet resolutions don’t work.

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Delicious Vegan Eggnog Recipes

Eggnog is pretty much as christmassy as it can get, but it’s also definitely not vegan. Luckily for us, vegan eggnog recipes exist thanks to clever people out there on the internet, meaning everyone can enjoy it!

vegan eggnog recipes

You can either make this recipe with homemade cashew milk, or store-bought. Serving 2-4 people, you can add your favourite brandy, bourbon, rum or whiskey, or just leave it as it is.

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Monk’s Meats- The New York Vegan Butchers

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